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Prevention Dentistry Watsonville

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Ocean Breeze Family Dental believes that oral health care needs to be a priority. Left untreated it can lead to serious health consequences-tooth loss, infection, damage to bone or nerve and even worse have negative effects on your overall health.

In our Watsonville Dental Practice, we stress preventive dentistry, which can help eliminate the need for restorative dentistry.

We believe that there are three cornerstones of preventive dentistry.

Vigilant Home Care: Your attention to brushing and flossing at home helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Teeth Cleanings and Dental Exams Watsonville

As meticulous as you might be with your dental home care, it’s still important to come in for regular cleanings and exams. A professional dental cleaning helps remove the plaque that persists despite your best efforts at home. And a dental exam can help catch dental problems at their earliest stages, when treatment is easier and less expensive.

Education and Attention: Every time you come into our office, we educate you on what you can do to regain and maintain optimal dental health. As skilled as we are in the detection and treatment of dental disease, we don’t know your body like you do. If you pay attention to changes in your dental health and call our office or come in at the first sign of distress, we can help you regain your health more quickly.

The Power of Prevention
There is one very effective way you can avoid spending a lot of time in the dental chair: Make sure you see the dentist at least twice a year. Our expert diagnostic exams, including careful evaluation of digital X-rays and professional cleaning with special instruments, can help our dentists spot small areas of concern. When we catch contained areas of decay, we are able to apply conservative dental treatments (such as dental fillings or bonding) to protect against deep cavities and damaging decay. You should also make sure you work hard with brushing and flossing at home and call the dentist if you experience pain, soreness, a loose tooth, or other dental problems.

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